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You need a credit, money, capital, cash ? Find investors, lenders, investment banks, VC firms, venture capital companies, financiers. With Proma-Investment you find the right contacts to finance your goals. Learn how to get a credit, even with a bad credit rating. Our database comprises thousands of contacts of investors, investment bankers, venture capital firms, VC companies, etc. Long-term or short-term credit, mortagage credit, low interest credit, interim credit, private credits, secured or unsecured credits.
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As we’ll see near the end of this course, the Pay-Per-Clicks can be an extremely effective way to build traffic -- we’ll cover some simple strategies for bidding that will enable you to get the most “bang for your buck (or nickels!)”. You can delay this step until then, if you prefer -- just thought I’d mention it if you decide to use Overture for further SUPPLY research. One special note... If your search on a keyword returns sites that seem inappropriate (in AltaVista or Google or Overture), it’s likely that your keyword does not reach the people you thought. For example, let’s say that you want to write a page about how to price products - this page is meant to show e-commerce merchants how to price new products. You decide that “price” is a good keyword... Do a search with the Overture Suggestion Tool for the word price. The results are interesting... Seems like a lot of people search for car prices and airline ticket prices on the Net. Remember, though, your target market is not looking for a great car deal or a cut-rate price on trip to Europe... they are trying to figure out how to set a price on their products.
At the time of this writing, it costs 62 cents for the number one position. And note that the top listings are all aimed at helping consumers find the lowest prices for commodity-type products. In other words... people searching for the keyword price are not business folks looking for “pricing” info. They are consumers looking for deals. Save yourself time and money... “price” is not a good word to focus on. Nor is any word that turns up irrelevant results on the Overture Suggestion Tool and Search Engine. Now repeat this procedure for the keyword “pricing”